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    Poland Strengthens Armed Forces through Improved Public Finances Asserts PM

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has stated that the repair of public finances has enabled Poland to fortify its armed forces. This strengthening of military capabilities comes as a result of improved fiscal conditions.

    Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, highlighted the strengthened armed forces as a result of improved public finances. During his visit to the 18th Reconnaissance Regiment in Bialystok, northeastern Poland, along with Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, Morawiecki emphasized the unpredictability of the Russian authorities, alluding to the recent unrest caused by the Wagner mercenary mutiny. 

    The Wagner group fighters halted their advance towards Moscow and returned to their bases, reportedly through a deal facilitated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

    Morawiecki stated that extensive talks and consultations with NATO and EU allies demonstrated excellent synchronization in analyzing incoming information, monitoring the situation, and coordinating communication and operational responses. He asserted that everything had functioned as intended, reinforcing the notion that Poland is continuously strengthening its military presence, particularly in the eastern region of the country.

    Highlighting Poland’s belonging to “the strongest military alliance in the history of the world,” Morawiecki stressed the importance of investing in the armed forces and underscored the link between a strong army, a strong state, and robust public finances. Consequently, he affirmed that Poland is expanding its military capabilities through enhanced allocation of public funds.

    Later, Morawiecki and Defense Minister Blaszczak held a joint press conference near the Belarusian border, which is fortified with a steel and electronic barrier. 

    Blaszczak expressed the Polish government’s awareness of the threats and its commitment to ensuring a secure border with Russia and Belarus. He also mentioned discussing the recent developments in Russia with his counterparts from the United States and the United Kingdom, Lloyd Austin and Ben Wallace, respectively. Blaszczak emphasized Poland’s readiness to defend every inch of the country, indicating a proactive approach to safeguarding national security.


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