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    Poland to Experience Warm Day, Cooler Days Ahead

    April brings unusually warm weather to Poland, with today marking the peak before a cooling trend.

    Tuesday will be warm with scattered clouds, increasing to moderate and heavy in the afternoon, especially in the west. Evening showers, potentially thunderstorms, are expected in the northwest.

    Temperatures will range from 24°C in the north to 28°C in the southeast, cooler in mountain valleys (around 21°C) and along the coast (16-20°C). Winds moderate to gusty, up to 55 km/h in some regions, and 60 km/h in mountains, reaching 70 km/h during thunderstorms.

    Overnight, cloud cover will increase from the west, leading to rainfall. Thunderstorms are possible in the west and north, with rain possibly turning to sleet and snow in the Sudetes Mountains. Minimum temperatures 8-12°C, cooler near the coast (7°C). Winds light to moderate, gusty in central and western regions, shifting westerly. Mountain gusts up to 60 km/h, 70 km/h in thunderstorms.

    From tomorrow, temperatures not expected to exceed 20°C for the next two weeks.

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