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    Poland to send humanitarian aid to Turkey 

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    The State Fire Service reported on their Facebook page that they are sending assistance from Poland to Turkey after the devastating earthquake. It is worth noting that the Polish firefighters have been working tirelessly to rescue those affected. They have already pulled 12 people out of the rubble.

    Polish firefighters are tirelessly helping earthquake victims in Turkey. Together with their dogs, they comb through the ruins of buildings, rescuing the injured. Now, in addition to the heroic men, Poland is also sending humanitarian aid to the ravaged country.

    “Humanitarian aid for Turkey is being launched. A transport with humanitarian aid equipment – wheeled generator sets (4 units) and tents with additional equipment (9 pallets) – a total of 11 tons of equipment aid – has set off from the depot of the Government Strategic Reserve Agency in Lesmierz,”

    the State Fire Service (PSP) informed on Facebook.

    “The equipment will be delivered to the State Fire Service later today at the military airport, in Powidz, from where it will reach the territory of Turkey on Wednesday, February 15, by air transport provided by the 3rd Airlift Wing,”

    we can read in the communiqué.

    The transportation of the humanitarian aid and the organization of its loading and unloading were entrusted to two coordination officers from the PSP, who are part of the rescue group to participate in the rescue operation on Turkish territory.

    “Humanitarian aid for Turkey is being launched! Generator sets and tents with additional equipment – a total of 11 tons of equipment aid. The humanitarian aid was provided by the Government of the Republic of Poland and its implementation is a joint effort of the State Fire Service, the Government Strategic Reserve Agency, and the General Command of the Armed Forces, thank you,”

    State Fire Service Commander-in-Chief Andrzej Bartkowiak wrote on Twitter. 

    According to the PSP, Polish firefighters plan to return home on February 15 but are still on standby.

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