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    Poland’s Border Guard Urges Deployment of 1,000 Additional Troops Amid Escalating Border Concerns

    In response to a series of recent incidents, some of which have escalated into violence, Poland’s Border Guard (SG) has formally requested the Defense Ministry to deploy an extra 1,000 troops along the Polish-Belarusian border. The Interior Ministry disclosed this development on Monday, highlighting the growing concerns over the situation.

    The gravest worry stems from mounting apprehensions that Belarusian authorities may attempt to orchestrate the illegal movement of migrants across the border once again, evoking memories of the 2021 migration crisis. During that crisis, hundreds of individuals attempted to forcefully breach the border and gain entry into Poland, posing a complex challenge for the nation.

    Addressing the media at a press conference, Deputy Minister Maciej Wasik emphasized the integral role played by the Belarusian Border Guards in facilitating the entire illegal migration process. He asserted, “The involvement of Belarusian forces is a prerequisite for any attempts to breach the border.”

    Wasik went on to underscore the intensifying level of aggression aimed at SG officers and soldiers stationed along the Belarusian border. Describing a specific incident, he recounted an SG vehicle having its window shattered by an object fired from the Belarusian side. Additionally, he reported that Belarusian authorities had deliberately damaged portions of the border fence to create opportunities for migrants to cross.

    Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Wasik stressed the necessity for bolstering forces at the border. He conveyed that the SG commander had formally appealed to the Defense Ministry for the deployment of additional troops to address the escalating challenges along the Polish-Belarusian border.


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