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    Poland’s Chief of Police Resigns, Leaving Legacy of Service

    Jaroslaw Szymczyk, Poland’s chief of police, tendered his resignation on Thursday, marking the end of his tenure at the helm of the country’s law enforcement. The Police Headquarters made the announcement to the Polish Press Agency.

    Szymczyk, who assumed office in 2016, will officially step down from his position during a ceremony that will include the symbolic transfer of responsibilities with the banner of the Polish Police. The event will be attended by executive staff and regional police commanders, representing the collective force of police officers and employees.

    During his tenure, Szymczyk played a crucial role in overseeing Poland’s security during significant events, including World Youth Day and the NATO summit in 2016. His leadership was also tested during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and the migration crises at the Polish borders.

    In the wake of his resignation, Szymczyk is set to pass on his duties to one of his deputies. Additionally, there are indications that he may embark on retirement at the beginning of the coming year, according to the statement released by the Police HQ.


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