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    Poland’s Defense Minister Warns of Security Risks Amid EU-NATO Rivalry

    Poland’s acting defence minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, highlighted the perilous implications of the rivalry between the European Union (EU) and NATO on continental security. During an interview on Polish Radio 24, Blaszczak emphasized the significance of his recent meeting with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, underscoring the robust ties in military cooperation between Poland and the United States.

    The Crucial Role of the United States in NATO and Concerns Over EU-NATO Competition

    Blaszczak firmly asserted, “The United States stands as the linchpin of the North Atlantic Alliance, a pivotal factor ensuring stability. If the leadership of NATO were held by another nation, the circumstances would become significantly more challenging.”

    In addressing proposed amendments to EU treaties concerning defence and security, Blaszczak expressed scepticism, stating, “The competition between the European Union and NATO on security matters poses a grave threat to the safety of our continent.”

    He criticized the concept of European autonomy in security matters, contending, “The idea of a European army remains elusive, and the military forces within Europe are comparatively feeble in contrast to the robustness of the US military.”

    Blaszczak Aligns with PiS on Safeguarding Poland’s Independence

    Blaszczak aligned his stance with the outgoing ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) and President Andrzej Duda, emphasizing their unwavering position on this issue. “Let’s not harbour illusions. If we are unwilling to safeguard our independence, no external force will fulfil this obligation on our behalf. While support may be extended, it hinges on our resolute determination to deter aggression. This has been the ethos during the tenure of the PiS government,” he added.

    Security Concerns in Poland’s Political Transition: Blaszczak Highlights Risks and Urges Unity

    Anticipating a potential shift in power with opposition parties, Blaszczak cautioned against reverting to past practices. He warned, “Should those who held authority before 2015 ascend, there’s a looming threat of revisiting prior approaches. They might assert financial constraints, leading to the dismantling of military units, particularly those situated east of the River Vistula.”

    Blaszczak’s remarks underscore a pressing concern for Poland’s security landscape, emphasizing the criticality of unity within alliances like NATO while cautioning against the potential pitfalls of divergent pursuits within the European Union.


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