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    Poland’s “Good Meal” Program Set to Launch Nationally in 2024

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    Poland’s Ministry of Health is gearing up to launch the ambitious “Good Meal” program across the nation, with the goal of enhancing the quality of hospital dining. Minister of Health Katarzyna Sójka recently shared that the program is on track to begin nationwide operations by early 2024.

    Under the “Good Meal” initiative, which is part of the Law and Justice party’s agenda, hospitals will receive additional funding to ensure a significant improvement in the quality of nutrition provided to patients. Minister Sójka emphasized that her ministry has already taken “appropriate actions” and hopes that “in the coming weeks, the initial steps will be taken to ensure good food in our hospitals.”

    When asked about the timeline for nationwide implementation, Minister Sójka expressed optimism, stating, “I think it will be very soon.” She noted that a few transitional months will be needed, with plans to make the program somewhat mandatory thereafter.

    In addressing the issue of subpar hospital meals, Minister Sójka acknowledged that while some hospitals provide satisfactory dining experiences, many struggle with poorly balanced, unappetizing meals.

    The “Good Meal” program is part of a comprehensive list of initiatives introduced by the Law and Justice party, aiming to improve various aspects of healthcare, nutrition, and education in Poland.

    As the “Good Meal” program gains momentum, it holds the promise of transforming the hospital dining experience for patients across Poland, promoting better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

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