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    Poland’s Government Ready to Extend Anti-Inflation Measures Amidst Hopes of Economic Growth

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    In a recent statement, Poland’s government spokesperson, Piotr Müller, affirmed their commitment to combat inflation and ensure the country’s economic stability. Müller emphasized that if the ruling party, PiS, continues in power, they are prepared to implement and extend such measures as needed.

    “Our goal is to bring Poland closer to Western European living standards while avoiding the same mistakes seen in the West,” Müller stated. He also mentioned that the fate of the proposed “zero VAT” on food in the upcoming year is not set in stone. The government remains open to revising these initiatives based on economic conditions.

    Minister of Finance Magdalena Rzeczkowska pointed out that the absence of an anti-inflation package in the 2024 budget proposal does not necessarily mean it won’t be implemented, citing a similar situation in the 2023 budget. She expressed optimism about decreasing inflation rates and anticipates single-digit inflation by September, potentially leading to lower interest rates.Poland’s government appears committed to balancing economic growth with fiscal prudence, closely monitoring inflation trends to adapt their policies accordingly.

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