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    Pole Fighting in Ukraine: ‘This is a War More Ours Than Anything So Far’

    Deep in the trenches of Ukraine, a Pole stands guard on one of the most volatile battlefronts of the war. In an exclusive interview with TV Republika correspondent Witold Newelicz, the volunteer soldier speaks candidly about his experience fighting in a war he believes is “more ours than anything so far.” As he stands guard, the soldier offers a unique glimpse into the struggles and dangers of life on the frontline.

    Just 30 kilometres from the Polish border, innocent people are being ruthlessly killed in relentless air raids and shelling of civilian buildings. This war is not only justified from a moral and civilisational point of view, but it is also reflective of Russia’s deep-seated hatred of all things European and Latin. Poland is a direct target of this animosity, with the Russians’ distaste for the Poles reaching a fever pitch.

    A fighter from Poland, BUR, is at the heart of the conflict in Ukraine, and he has a powerful message for the world: “This is our war. Ukraine is our close neighbour and the soldier standing next to me is my brother. Poland has a long history of standing up to Russia and we’re not backing down now. The rallying cry of ‘FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND OUR FREEDOM’ is more than just words to us!”

    This Tuesday, 28 March, don’t miss the premiere of an exclusive interview by TV Republika correspondent Witold Newelicz. The interview, which was personally shot by Newelicz himself, will be airing at 5.40 pm (GMT+1) and will be repeated throughout the week (at 10 pm on Wednesday, at 9.30 pm on Friday and at 4.15 pm on Saturday).

    Be sure to tune in for this extraordinary insight into the life of a soldier, who has left his homeland to fight for what he believes in – defending not only Ukraine but all expressions of Polishness and the freedom of his neighbours.

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