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    Polish Actor Faces Trial for Alleged Defamation of Border Guard Spokesperson

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    In the Mokotów District Court of Warsaw, the first trial concerning well-known actor Piotr Z. has taken place. He stands accused of defaming the spokesperson for the Chief Commander of the Border Guard. The actor had written on his social media that she had the “face of the bestial, thuggish standards of the PiS government.”

    The trial is being conducted behind closed doors. Last year, the Military Department of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw filed charges against Piotr Z. The actor, known for his role in the TV series “13th Precinct,” is facing accusations of defamation and insulting the Border Guard spokesperson.

    The Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office previously stated that Piotr Z. “did not admit to the alleged offense and provided brief explanations.”

    The charges stem from a Facebook post published by Z. in November 2021. He posted a photo of the Border Guard spokesperson, Lieutenant Anna Michalska, with the described caption. He later deleted the post. The Anti-Polonism Monitoring Center Foundation announced its intention to report a possible crime in response to this incident.

    In an interview with the gossip website Plejada, Piotr Z. defended his words, claiming they were not insulting but a reflection of his opinion on the spokesperson’s approach to the media and citizens. If convicted, the actor could face a fine, community service, or up to one year of imprisonment.

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