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    Polish and Italian Law Enforcement Unite Against Organized Crime

    In a recent visit to Italy, representatives from the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police (CBŚP) and their foreign counterparts convened to assess joint efforts aimed at combating organized crime. The meeting, held in Rome and Naples, served as a platform for the presentation of contact point development prospects and anticipated directions for future collaboration.

    Strengthening Bonds: Contact Points and Information Exchange

    The gathering involved representatives of contact points designated under the Executive Agreement between Poland and Italy, focusing on the establishment and cooperation principles for exchanging information, including personal data, concerning the fight against organized crime.

    CBŚP as the Polish Contact Point

    CBŚP, serving as the designated contact point for the Polish Police, emerged from the need for more effective international cooperation and information exchange in combating organized crime.

    Collaborative Success and Future Endeavors

    During the visit, the Polish delegation, led by Chief Inspector Paweł Półtorzycki, reviewed collaborative actions addressing organized crime. Discussions encompassed joint projects with the Italian partner, particularly in tackling mafia-related criminal activities.

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