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    Polish Astronaut Sławosz Uznański Embarks on Mission to Conduct Scientific Research in Space

    Polish astronaut Sławosz Uznański, a candidate for the International Space Station (ISS) mission, highlighted the significance of the Polish space mission in enabling scientific research in orbit. Speaking at the “Week of Space” event in Katowice, he emphasized that the Polish astronaut would serve as an extension of Earthbound scientists, contributing to various scientific fields and technologies.

    Multidisciplinary Training and Scientific Collaboration

    Uznański, a doctor of electronics at CERN, shared insights into the diverse training required for space missions. He expressed openness to experiments across various disciplines, aiming to contribute to advancements in scientific knowledge and technology. The astronaut’s role extends beyond piloting, focusing on building, diagnosing, and conducting scientific research in microgravity conditions.

    Challenges and Excitement of Space Exploration

    While the schedule for the Polish space mission is yet to be finalized, Uznański anticipates conducting Polish experiments to explore unique microgravity conditions. He expressed excitement about potential experiments, emphasizing the collaborative nature of astronaut training and the importance of sharing space mission experiences with the public.

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