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    Polish Astronaut Sławosz Uznański to Conduct Pioneering Biological Experiments on ISS

    Polish astronaut Sławosz Uznański is gearing up for his mission to the International Space Station (ISS) by training at a biological laboratory modeled after the one on the ISS. This lab, located at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne, will prepare him to conduct scientific experiments in space.

    One of the key experiments Uznański will conduct is the SPACE VOLCANIC ALGAE project, led by Extremo Technologies. This study focuses on the survival and adaptation of volcanic microalgae in space conditions. The findings could have significant implications for future space missions and space medicine.

    Another important experiment, YEAST TARDIGRADEGENE, involves genetically modified yeast enriched with tardigrade proteins. Conducted by a consortium of Polish universities, this experiment aims to assess the viability of these yeast strains in microgravity. The results could pave the way for using these biofactories on Mars or the Moon.

    Uznański’s training in Cologne is a critical step in ensuring the success of these groundbreaking experiments on the ISS.

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