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    Polish Border Guard Establishes Permanent Outpost at LNG Terminal

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    The collaboration between Poland’s Border Guard and Gaz-System, a prominent energy company, has taken a significant step towards fortifying the security of the Świnoujście LNG terminal. A recent agreement between the two entities highlights the establishment of a dedicated Border Guard outpost at the terminal. This strategic move aims to bolster security measures and vigilance, particularly in the face of ongoing hybrid threats.

    In an interview, Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska, the Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, emphasized the need for enhanced security conditions around the LNG terminal. She cited the continuous presence of “hybrid warfare” and stressed the Border Guard’s attentive monitoring of such developments. The establishment of a permanent outpost at the end of the breakwater aims to provide the Border Guard with better facilities to safeguard the terminal, while also enabling closer surveillance of the area.

    Collaboration and Preparedness

    The partnership between Gaz-System and the Polish Armed Forces (WOT) was recently fortified in July, further underlining the commitment to national security. Terminal employees are set to receive defensive training, bolstering their readiness to respond effectively to potential threats. Notably, anti-terrorism exercises involving drones were conducted on the outpost premises, showcasing the dedication to comprehensive security protocols.

    The establishment of a permanent Border Guard outpost at the Świnoujście LNG terminal reflects Poland’s proactive stance in safeguarding critical energy infrastructure. This collaboration with Gaz-System and the alignment with the armed forces demonstrate the nation’s readiness to counter hybrid threats and ensure uninterrupted energy operations.

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