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    Polish Boxing Federation PZB joins growing world championships boycott

    Boxers from Poland have joined a United States-led boycott of the world championships, as stated by Maciej Demel, Vice-president of PZB.

    The International Boxing Association’s Russian president insists on letting Russian fighters compete with their country’s flag and anthem.

    Reuters: “World governing body IBA, run by Russian Umar Kremlev and backed by Russian energy firm Gazprom, allows boxers from Russia and Belarus to compete with national flags and anthems despite the war in Ukraine.”

    Inside The Games: “International Boxing Association (IBA) President Umar Kremlev has hit back at USA Boxing’s decision to boycott this year’s Men’s and Women’s World Boxing Championships, calling those who voted in favour “worse than hyenas and jackals”.”

    According to PZB, it is the only right decision. The authorities of the Polish Boxing Federation joined the boycott of the World Championships for women (March) and men (May).

    Poland made the decision on February 14. The United States and Ireland announced their boycotts last week. The Czech Republic, Great Britain, Canada, and Ukraine also joined the boycott.

    Germany and the Scandinavian countries are supposed to announce the same soon.

    However, Bulgaria confirmed the participation in the championships.

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