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    Polish Church Desecration: Israel’s Swift Response Applauded by Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister

    In a display of diplomatic appreciation, Poland’s deputy foreign minister has expressed gratitude to the Israeli authorities for their quick and decisive action following the desecration of a Polish church in Jerusalem.

    Israeli police arrested two Jerusalem residents, aged 18 and 24, on Saturday night under suspicion of vandalizing the Convent of Polish Elisabethan sisters (New Polish House) on Hahoma HaShlishit Street. Reports of vandalism prompted the police to launch an investigation, leading to the arrest of four suspects. Currently, only two of them will face court proceedings.

    Responding to the incident, Paweł Jabłoński, the deputy foreign minister, conveyed his appreciation through Twitter, stating, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciates the prompt reaction of the State of Israel to our intervention in defense of the Polish House in Jerusalem and the detention of those suspected of the attack.” He expressed hope that the matter would be handled appropriately, urging that such attacks must not be repeated in the future. He also called on the Israeli police and other relevant authorities to ensure the safety of the Polish Elisabethan sisters and all Christians in Jerusalem.

    Prior to the swift action taken by Israeli authorities, the Polish Embassy in Israel had raised concerns about the recurring physical attacks on pilgrims and members of the Convent of Polish Elisabethan sisters in Jerusalem. They had urged the Israeli authorities to respond adequately to address the situation.

    In response to the incident, Israel Police issued a statement affirming their commitment to combating acts of violence and vandalism in holy places that are significant to all religions. They emphasized that the protection of religious institutions and sites is of utmost importance and that they would continue to maintain security and order, ensuring swift action against criminals who threaten holy places.

    Notably, incidents of anti-Christian behavior in Jerusalem’s Old City have been on the rise. Members of Christian communities have reported being subjected to harassment and intimidation by aggressive Jewish ultranationalists, raising concerns over the safety and security of religious minorities in the area.


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