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    Polish cosmonaut Miroslaw Hermaszewski died at the age of 81

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    Mirosław Hermaszewski, the first Polish cosmonaut, died at the age of 81. The news of his death was announced by MEP Ryszard Czarnecki on behalf of his family.

    “On behalf of the family, I confirm the very sad news of the death of General Mirosław Hermaszewski – the first cosmonaut, a great pilot, a good husband and father, a beloved grandfather. He has gone to the eternal guard. R.I.P.”

    MEP Ryszard Czarnecki wrote on Twitter. 

    Mirosław Hermaszewski was born on 15 September 1941 in Lipniki in Volhynia. There, he lost his father and many relatives. As an infant, he avoided death. After the war, as part of the so-called repatriation, his family was resettled to Wołowo in Lower Silesia. 

    In 1961, in Grudziądz, Hermaszewski completed a course in aeroplane pilotage and began studying at the “School of Eaglets” in Dęblin as a candidate for a fighter pilot. He graduated 3 years later. He was awarded the rank of second lieutenant and gained a 3rd class jet pilot qualification. 

    Mirosław Hermaszewski was the only Pole to take part in a space flight. On 27 June 1978, together with Pyotr Klimuk, he flew into orbit around the Earth in a Soyuz 30 spacecraft. During the mission, the astronauts circled the Earth 126 times and returned to earth on 5 July.

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