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    Polish Deputy Foreign Minister: Russian Ambassador Follows “Kremlin’s Instructions”

    The Russian ambassador’s actions during a meeting at the Polish Foreign Ministry, according to a statement by a Polish deputy foreign minister, were consistent with Kremlin’s instructions. The meeting was held to discuss an incident that occurred on Friday, in which a Russian fighter jet buzzed a Polish Border Guard aircraft during a Frontex mission over the Black Sea. The Polish crew temporarily lost control of their aircraft due to the aggressive and dangerous actions of the Russian fighter.

    Poland issues “note of protest” to Russian ambassador over dangerous incident involving fighter jet

    A “note of protest” was issued to Sergei Andreyev on Wednesday following a recent incident involving a Russian fighter jet and a Polish border guard aircraft over the Black Sea. The incident occurred on Friday while the Polish Border Guard aircraft was participating in a Frontex mission near Romania when it was buzzed three times by a Russian fighter.

    The Polish crew temporarily lost control of their aircraft due to the aggressive and dangerous manoeuvres performed by the Russian aircraft.

    Polish foreign minister: Russian ambassador ‘extremely defensive’ in response to Poland’s protest

    Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski commented on the meeting with the Russian ambassador, stating that the ambassador’s usual response to being summoned to the Foreign Ministry was to reject Poland’s position.

    According to Pawel Jablonski, the Polish deputy foreign minister, Ambassador Sergei Andreyev’s response was “extremely defensive,” and he acted in accordance with instructions from the Kremlin. Jablonski also stated that Andreyev acknowledged the note of protest in compliance with the Vienna Convention.

    During the meeting, the Russian ambassador was cautioned that such incidents should not occur again, and if they do, they will be met with a strong reaction.

    Polish Deputy Foreign Minister highlights importance of maintaining Russian ambassador in Poland for diplomatic purposes

    Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski was asked if Ambassador Andreyev should be considered persona non grata, to which he replied that such a decision had not been taken. He went on to explain that having a Russian ambassador in Poland could be beneficial, allowing them to be summoned to the ministry when necessary.

    Pawel Jablonski continued to emphasize the importance of diplomatic relations between the two countries, stating, “And let us not forget, we have a Polish ambassador in Moscow. This is crucial, especially in terms of ensuring the safety of Polish citizens who reside in or visit Russia.”

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