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    Polish Deputy Interior Minister Accuses Migrants of Exploiting European Asylum System

    Polish Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Wasik accused migrants entering Poland, both illegally and as asylum seekers, of exploiting the European asylum system to ultimately settle in Germany. Wasik emphasized the need to assist genuine refugees but claimed that many individuals were taking advantage of Europe’s political correctness.

    According to Wasik, individuals often falsely present themselves as persecuted refugees upon reaching Europe. He revealed that a team of experts immediately investigates these claims, but a significant number of people simply bypass the asylum application process in Poland, knowing they won’t be able to later move to Germany if they do so.

    “The majority of those crossing the Polish-Belarusian border this year did not seek asylum in Poland. They avoid applying here, aware that it would hinder their chances of moving to Germany,” stated Wasik. He further disclosed that certain activists, self-identified as human rights defenders, mislead migrants into seeking international protection in Poland, effectively gaming the European system. Wasik noted that over 90 percent of such cases turned out to be economic migrants rather than genuine refugees.

    Wasik also addressed the European Union’s obligatory relocation scheme, which the Polish government has consistently opposed. He argued that migrants prefer Germany over Poland due to the disparity in social benefits available, making Poland an unattractive option for them. He expressed the belief that this preference for Germany further underscored the need for a more robust approach in dealing with asylum claims to maintain the integrity of the European asylum system.

    As of this year, Wasik claimed that more than 1,000 individuals had manipulated the European international protection system with the assistance of these misleading activists. He criticized these individuals and their handlers for deceiving the European system and insisted that Poland’s stance against the EU scheme was primarily due to concerns about inappropriate financial penalties tied to mandatory migrant acceptance.


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