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    Polish Electric SUV Izera Spotted on Swedish Highway?

    The Izera Z100, an electric SUV from the Polish brand Izera, was reportedly spotted on a Swedish highway. This claim, made by the Swedish automotive portal, was based on a reader’s photo of the mysterious vehicle. However, Polish users on the social media platform X have since scrutinized and questioned this information.

    Izera, Poland’s budding electric vehicle brand, has been shrouded in uncertainty for months. The Polish government remains at an impasse regarding the brand’s future, with Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s administration under pressure from Chinese investors.

    Recently, the financial portal reported that while Chinese automaker Geely’s investment in Poland appears promising, the future of the Izera project is less certain. “Building a distribution, servicing, and marketing system solely for one factory will be challenging, especially for entering new markets,” a government source told The source emphasized that it shouldn’t be the state’s role to manage these operations.

    Poland could, however, capitalize on the current dynamics where Chinese electric vehicles pose significant competition to the European automotive sector, primarily based in Germany. Krzysztof Inglot of Personel Service highlighted, “Chinese EVs are a major threat to European automotive. High tariffs weaken their price competitiveness. Therefore, they will seek entry into Europe, possibly by building factories or participating in European projects like Izera. Poland must ensure it builds a new brand, leveraging local suppliers and Chinese partners.”

    Despite the brand’s uncertain future, the sighting in Sweden has sparked intrigue. reported that a reader photographed a “camouflaged” vehicle on the E18 road in Västerås, about 100 km west of Stockholm. The vehicle had a distinctive Polish green license plate and did not resemble any known car brands.

    The portal speculated that this might be the new model from the Polish brand Izera, specifically the SUV Z100, which shares a platform with the Volvo EX30. However, users on the social media platform X provided different insights. User “EVadam” suggested that the “camouflaged prototype” is likely the Geely Galaxy E5, purported to be Geely’s first model available in Europe. Another user corroborated this by checking the vehicle identification through the UFG search engine.

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