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    Polish Embrace Online Language Learning as English Proficiency Declines

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    The pandemic has significantly contributed to the widespread adoption of online language training. Łukasz Sennik from eTutor highlighted this trend during the debate on effective motivation systems and benefits.

    Companies increasingly utilize non-monetary methods to reward employees, such as language courses. These not only boost motivation but also elevate qualifications.

    Łukasz Sennik, eTutor’s methodological director, emphasized that language courses serve as attractive non-monetary benefits. Improved language proficiency often translates to higher earnings, granting employees negotiating power.

    Sennik predicts a growing preference for online language courses in the future, making them more accessible to all employees.

    Sennik highlighted a decline in English proficiency among Poles compared to 15 years ago, attributing it to a shift from B2 to B1 level. As public school and university language education decline, Sennik predicts a continued demand for language training in companies, especially for entry-level employees.

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