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    Polish Engineer and Astronaut Sławosz Uznański Prepares for Mission to International Space Station

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    Polish engineer Sławosz Uznański, ESA reserve astronaut, prepares for potential ISS mission, highlighting Poland’s space research potential and multidisciplinary opportunities.

    Polish engineer Sławosz Uznański, selected as a reserve astronaut by the European Space Agency (ESA) in November 2022, is gearing up for a potential mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in the latter half of 2024. With a background in aerospace engineering, Uznański has found his preparations relatively smooth, given his specialization in understanding various spacecraft systems. He recently completed medical and competency tests and is now refreshing his knowledge in subjects like mathematics, biology, and physics.

    Uznański’s journey to becoming an astronaut was highly competitive, with over 22,500 applicants from ESA member countries vying for the position. After a rigorous selection process, he began his astronaut training, focusing on both mental and physical preparedness.

    In the final week of his training, Uznański underwent rigorous endurance tests. As a result, he emphasizes the significance of maintaining a strict diet and physical fitness, considering the uncertainty of how long the preparations will continue.

    Uznański highlights the vast potential for Polish space missions to conduct experiments aboard the ISS. Poland’s participation in space research has gained momentum, with an open call for space experiments in the Polish Space Agency and ESA, generating significant interest. He encourages experts from diverse fields to consider careers in the space industry, as it demands a wide range of expertise.

    Sławosz Uznański encourages aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts to follow in his footsteps, emphasizing the multidisciplinary nature of the space industry. From geologists and biologists to engineers and lawyers, the space sector welcomes talent from various backgrounds.

    As Sławosz Uznański continues his rigorous training, Poland’s space ambitions are on the rise, promising exciting opportunities for experimentation and research aboard the International Space Station. His journey serves as an inspiration for those interested in exploring the endless possibilities of space exploration.

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