Polish Farmers to Receive €40 Million, EU Member States Approve Support Package

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In a significant development, EU member states have given their acceptance to the European Commission’s proposal for a substantial support package worth €100 million aimed at assisting farmers in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. This information was disclosed by a trusted source within the EU to the Polish Press Agency on Monday.

Notably, Polish farmers will be the primary beneficiaries of this financial aid, as they are set to receive approximately €40 million, representing the largest share of the total allocation.

Farmers in EU countries situated along or in close proximity to the Ukrainian border have expressed their grievances over an overwhelming influx of Ukrainian cereals and oilseeds, which has adversely affected local market prices and impeded their ability to sell their own produce.

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Furthermore, the ongoing war in Ukraine has exacerbated the predicament for the agricultural sector by driving up fertilizer prices, adding to the distress faced by farmers in the region.

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