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    Polish Firefighters Successfully Complete Mission in Greece, Showcasing International Expertise

    A group of 149 Polish firefighters returned home on 2nd August, concluding their successful firefighting mission in Greece. For two weeks, these dedicated rescuers battled forest fires in Greece, marking the 18th foreign mission for the Polish State Fire Service (PSP) officers and the 7th rescue mission in recent times. The firefighters were warmly welcomed back by government officials and commended for their professionalism and dedication in saving lives and property. This international assistance showcases Poland’s commitment to aiding other countries in times of need and demonstrates the exceptional capabilities of its firefighting teams.

    Poland’s Swift Response to Greece’s Call for Assistance

    The decision to send the Polish firefighting team to Greece was made on 18th July, after the Greek government requested assistance in combating raging wildfires. Minister Mariusz Kaminski, in consultation with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, quickly approved the mission, demonstrating Poland’s swift response and commitment to international cooperation during crises.

    Dedication and Professionalism on Display

    Facing unprecedentedly high temperatures, which were unusual for Poland, the Polish firefighters took on the challenging tasks with exemplary skill and determination. Despite the dangers, they carried out their rescue and firefighting operations with precision, ensuring the safety of human lives and property. 

    Upon their return, the Polish firefighters were warmly welcomed at the Rescue and Firefighting Unit No. 1 in Katowice. Minister Mariusz Kaminski expressed his gratitude to all the mission participants for their dedication and outstanding work, acknowledging their efforts as Poland’s best showcase to the world.

    The GFFFV Module and Its Role in the Mission

    The firefighting team employed the GFFFV (Ground Forest Fire Fighting using Vehicles) module to extinguish forest fires from the ground, using specialized vehicles. Poland currently has six of these modules as part of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, stationed in strategic locations throughout the country. Each module is self-sufficient, equipped with firefighting gear, logistical facilities, water, and food supplies. The team set up their camp in Greece with the necessary resources and power sources, allowing them to operate effectively during the mission.

    Poland’s History of International Assistance

    Polish firefighters have a rich history of international cooperation and assistance during natural disasters. Over the years, they have participated in missions in various countries, including Turkey (2023), France (2022), the Czech Republic (2022), Romania (2021), Lebanon (2020), and more. This extensive experience and professionalism have earned them international recognition, making them valuable partners during emergencies.

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