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    Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Urges for Security Amidst Rising Global Threats

    In the wake of the recent devastating attack on Israel by Hamas, which claimed the lives of up to 600 Israelis, Zbigniew Rau, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, has emphasized that Poland’s security can only be “guaranteed” by the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. Rau’s comments come in light of the deteriorating global security situation.

    Addressing the alarming incident, Rau expressed deep concern about the escalating erosion of the world’s security framework. He highlighted how even highly modernized and well-armed nations like Israel can unexpectedly fall victim to brutal attacks, showcasing the advancing threats faced by nations in the modern world. Rau pointed fingers at Russia, terrorists, and various other actors determined to destabilize the global order through aggression.

    “In these perilous times, with multiple forces striving to destabilize Poland, our nation urgently requires security and stability. These fundamental requisites can only be ensured by the Law and Justice party,” Rau emphasized in a tweet.

    The minister underscored PiS’s unwavering commitment to security, citing the party’s resolute actions taken during the border crisis with Belarus and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as evidence of their dedication to safeguarding the nation.

    Poland is currently gearing up for its general election, scheduled to take place on October 15. Against the backdrop of the rising global threats and the recent attack on Israel, the issue of national security has taken center stage in the political discourse, making the upcoming election even more crucial for the future stability of the nation.


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