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    Polish General Staff Announces Polish Name for F-35 Fighter Jets

    Over 750 suggestions poured in during a two-week contest for naming Poland’s fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets. Options ranged from birds and mammals to mythological figures and meteorological phenomena. A committee comprised of experts from the General Staff, Ministry of Defense, General Command, and pilots narrowed it down to five intriguing names: Husarz, Harpia, Dracarys, and Duch.

    Choosing a New Tradition

    Traditionally, aircraft in the Polish military have been named after birds of prey, like the Sokół helicopters and Jastrzębie F-16 multirole fighters. However, this naming contest signals a departure, offering a diverse array of options inspired by mythology, literature, and nature.

    The selected names evoke strength, agility, and mythical prowess. “Husarz” pays homage to Poland’s renowned cavalry, while “Harpia” symbolizes power and majesty. “Dracarys,” drawn from “Game of Thrones,” signifies fire and dominance, and “Duch” (Ghost) suggests stealth and elusiveness.

    The decision reflects Poland’s evolving military identity, embracing a broader spectrum of symbolism beyond traditional avian motifs. These names not only honor the country’s heritage but also project a modern and multifaceted image onto its air force.

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