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    Polish Government Dissolves Strategic Projects Monitoring Board

    Controversy brews as the Polish government, under Donald Tusk’s directive, abolishes the Strategic Projects Monitoring Board, eliciting criticism from former CPK SA president Mikołaj Wild.

    Disbanding of Key Oversight Body

    In a move sparking debate, Donald Tusk’s administration issued an order on February 26, 2024, to dissolve the Strategic Projects Monitoring Board established in April 2018.

    Purpose and Criticism

    The board, deemed a crucial auxiliary body by the government, comprised ministers and key officials responsible for overseeing strategic projects’ alignment with governmental directives. Mikołaj Wild lamented the decision, asserting the board’s role in ensuring effective project management and coordination from the highest governmental level.

    Impact on Project Governance

    The dissolution raises concerns about the loss of a central mechanism for monitoring and coordinating vital national projects. Critics argue for strengthening and empowering such oversight bodies to enhance project management efficacy.

    Calls for Reinforcement

    Wild advocates for reinforcing the board’s mandate and bolstering its authority to maintain robust project governance standards.

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