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    Polish grandma overpowers Ukrainian bank robber by hitting her with crutch [VIDEO] 

    A young woman entered PKO Bank Polski in Przemyśl on Tuesday and then put a knife to the throat of one of the employees and demanded money. She was overpowered and then ended up in the hands of the police. The police are not revealing the nationality of the attacker. Media reports indicate that she is a Ukrainian national.

    What happened there?

    The incident occurred on Tuesday after 4 pm at PKO Bank Polski on Mickiewicza Street in Przemyśl. A young woman entered the bank, then put a knife to the throat of one of the employees and demanded PLN 12.550. She was overpowered by bank employees and customers after the super grandma had hit her with a walking stick several times.

    Junior aspirant Joanna Golisz, a spokesperson for the Przemyśl City Police Station, confirmed the information about the attack. “The woman, threatening with a knife, demanded money. She was apprehended by customers and bank employees. Police officers are determining the exact circumstances of the incident,” she stated.

    Media allege it was a woman of Ukrainian descent

    The police did not inform what nationality the woman was. The Nowiny 24 portal has unofficially managed to establish that she is a young Ukrainian national who also holds a Russian passport and a Polish PESEL. “The woman, aged about 30, was carrying medication indicating that she was undergoing psychiatric treatment,” the Nowiny 24 portal reports.

    The Ukrainian woman was detained and then taken by police to the hospital. Further activities involving her are being carried out.

    A video of the incident has been posted online. It shows, among other things, the intervention of an elderly woman who, by hitting the Ukrainian woman with an orthopaedic crutch, distracted her and enabled her to stop and take the knife away.

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