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    Polish Parliament Rejects Senate Resolution, Advances Bill on Investigating Russian Influences

    In a recent parliamentary session, the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament, made a decisive move by voting against a resolution proposed by the Senate, the upper house. The resolution aimed to scrap a government bill that sought to establish a special commission responsible for investigating Russian influences within Poland’s previous governments.

    Opposition members expressed concerns that this commission, empowered to bar politicians with past ties to Russia from holding public office, could potentially be exploited to exclude opposition leaders from participating in the upcoming general election scheduled for this autumn.

    On Friday, the Sejm overturned the Senate’s rejection of the commission bill, marking a significant turn of events with a narrow margin of 234 to 219 votes, with one abstention. This outcome signals a clear division among the parliamentarians regarding the need for a comprehensive investigation into alleged Russian influences on Poland’s political landscape.

    The bill, initially passed by the Sejm on April 4, will now proceed to be submitted to the president for further consideration and potential approval. Once enacted, the commission would be mandated to probe alleged Russian influences spanning the years 2007 to 2022.

    The parliamentary proceedings surrounding this bill have generated intense debate and controversy within the Polish political sphere, highlighting the deep-seated concerns over potential foreign interference in the country’s governance. As the bill advances to the next stage, its fate lies in the hands of the president, whose decision will have far-reaching implications for both Poland’s political landscape and the upcoming general election.


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