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    Polish Pole Vaulters Lisek and Sobera Reach World Championships Final in Budapest

    Two Polish athletes, Piotr Lisek and Robert Sobera, have advanced to the finals of the World Championships in pole vault held in Budapest. Representing Poland, they both cleared a height of 5.75 meters. Paweł Wojciechowski, however, bid farewell to the competition after a clearance of 5.35 meters. Lisek maintained his impressive form from the ongoing season, overcoming minor hurdles to reach 5.75 meters. Sobera also demonstrated a similar pattern. For the Polish champion, this year’s performance is a personal best and a motivating factor ahead of the crucial final event.

    Lisek shared his thoughts with Michał Chmielewski, remarking, “It’s nice to be a surprise. We were at the start for over 3.5 hours, under this sun. I urge not to hold the pole vault at this time.”

    The championship final is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, featuring thirteen qualified athletes. Wojciechowski won’t be among them, as he recently announced his retirement after the Paris Olympics, acknowledging the challenges of vaulting as one ages. Reflecting on his last competitive year, he emphasized, “I’ll give everything for this final year. I’m motivated not to end on this note.”

    The pole vaulters endured a lengthy wait at the start line under the scorching sun, prompting Lisek’s call for considering better timing for the event.

    Paweł Wojciechowski, a stalwart in the pole vault scene, concluded his World Championships journey on a reflective note, emphasizing his dedication to his final competitive year.

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