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    Polish Police Aviation Assists in Life-Saving Heart Transplant

    Polish police aviators have once again played a vital role in medical emergencies by swiftly transporting a heart for transplantation, announced Police Headquarters spokesperson Inspector Mariusz Ciarka. The Bell-407GXi helicopter crew successfully delivered the valuable organ from a hospital in the Lubusz Voivodeship to Wrocław in just over an hour. Inspector Ciarka shared that over the past two years, police aviators have completed 24 flights, transporting organs for transplantation on 22 occasions, including hearts, and twice livers.

    During their latest mission, police aviators were called upon to transport a heart for a 48-year-old patient at the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław. Inspector Ciarka emphasized the importance of meticulous planning, including monitoring variable weather conditions. While considering deploying the Black Hawk helicopter due to uncertain weather, the conditions stabilized, allowing the Bell-407GXi to carry out the life-saving flight.

    Despite adverse weather with strong winds and heavy rain across the country, the journey from the Lubusz Voivodeship hospital to Wrocław took just over an hour, without any complications. The patient, who also received a kidney transplant later that day, is now recovering under medical supervision.

    Inspector Ciarka explained that the police aviators have utilized the Bell-407GXi helicopter 13 times, the Black Hawk eight times, and the police Sokół three times for organ transportation. Older aircraft are being phased out, making way for an increased number of modern helicopters at bases throughout Poland.

    Thanks to a recent tender for the purchase of single-engine observation-patrol helicopters, the existing Bell fleet will enhance police operations, while also facilitating life-saving aviation operations, including organ transportation for transplantation, when needed.

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