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    Polish Primary Schools Introduce First Aid Lessons for Grades 1-3

    Starting in September, primary schools in Poland will incorporate first aid lessons for students in grades 1-3. The Ministry of National Education aims to integrate this into the regular homeroom hours, dedicating 12 hours annually to teach life-saving skills.

    Medical rescuer Jan Świtała, speaking to Radio ZET, emphasized empowering children to confidently respond in emergencies. Moreover, Minister of Education Barbara Nowacka stressed the importance of early education, with discussions ongoing about extending lessons to higher grades.

    This initiative responds to potential emergencies, fostering responsibility and preparedness among young students globally. Data from the European Resuscitation Council supports the idea that even young children can play a crucial role in saving lives.

    This move represents a positive step in creating a generation equipped with practical life-saving skills. As Poland pioneers this approach, it may serve as a model for other countries enhancing their educational curricula.

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