Polish Prime Minister Announces Ongoing Efforts to Secure New Helicopter Contract

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has announced that his administration is actively pursuing a fresh agreement for Italian AW-101 helicopters, manufactured in Poland, destined for deployment within the country’s armed forces.

Morawiecki made this significant announcement during his visit to the PZL-Świdnik helicopter production facility, located in the southeastern town of Świdnik, on Friday. In his remarks, he highlighted Poland’s existing contract for 32 multi-role AW-149 helicopters with the same manufacturing plant. However, he indicated the government’s intentions to potentially expand this collaboration by placing an order for AW-101 helicopters from PZL-Świdnik.

“We are also dedicated to securing new contracts, a substantial one for the AW-101,” Morawiecki asserted. He further disclosed that the proposed order could encompass approximately 20 to 21 units of the AW-101 model. Expressing his unwavering commitment to the endeavor, he vowed, “I will do everything possible to see this contract through.”

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Morawiecki underscored the pressing need within the Polish armed forces for versatile helicopters like the AW-149, emphasizing the strategic importance of such assets.

It’s worth noting that PZL-Świdnik is a subsidiary of the multinational corporation Leonardo, with its headquarters situated in Italy. This development highlights the international collaboration involved in the production and procurement of these advanced military helicopters.

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