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    Polish Prime Minister Applauds Central Bank’s Rate Cut, Emphasizes Importance of Monetary Independence

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki commended the Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Council (MPC) for its decision to reduce interest rates by 25 basis points to 5.25 percent. Morawiecki emphasized the importance of maintaining the independence of monetary policy from political influences.

    “Monetary policy must be independent from fiscal policy, and, in general, from politics,” Morawiecki stated after the rate cut, underlining the need for autonomy in shaping economic decisions.

    When asked about the MPC’s decision, Morawiecki affirmed, “This decision aligns with the principle that monetary policy should dictate the level of interest rates, and it reflects the current state of affairs.”

    The prime minister highlighted the significance of this move, citing it as proof of effective coordination between monetary policy and other elements of the financial market. He expressed satisfaction that the decision matched market expectations, indicating a positive synchronicity within the financial sector.

    Morawiecki also pointed to the strengthening of the Polish zloty as a tangible outcome of this synchronization. He explained that this development not only translates to reduced loan payments for the public but also results in cheaper raw materials for Poland when purchased from abroad.

    “This positive development brings excellent news for the Polish people,” Morawiecki affirmed, emphasizing the potential economic benefits that would be felt by the nation due to these measures.


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