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    Polish Prime Minister Warns of Opposition’s Election Promises and Financial Realities

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    In an interview with Interia, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has cautioned against potential electoral deception by the opposition. Morawiecki discussed declining tax revenues and the growing servicing of foreign public debt.

    Regarding tax revenues, he defended his party’s eight-year record, emphasizing that while tax revenues may not be growing as dynamically, the government has doubled the state budget’s income while reducing CIT and PIT taxes by nearly 60 billion PLN.

    He also addressed the rising costs of servicing the debt, attributing it to factors such as the pandemic, inflation, the Ukraine conflict, and geopolitical risks. Morawiecki argued that these challenges are not unique to Poland but are global.

    When questioned about the record budget deficit and borrowing needs, he dismissed it as demagoguery, citing the reduction of public debt relative to GDP as evidence.

    The Prime Minister further contended that defense spending accounts for a significant portion of the deficit and claimed that public finances are in excellent shape.

    He accused the opposition of trying to renege on their election promises and using number manipulation. Morawiecki warned that society would hold them accountable for reneging on commitments, leading to their panic and adopting questionable methods.

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