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    Polish skaters win bronze in the relay

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    Another medal at the European Short Track Championships! The Polish men’s relay team in the line-up of Diane Sellier, Michał Niewiński, Łukasz Kuczyński and Paweł Adamski won the bronze medal.

    The Dutch became the European Champions, and the Italians became the vice champions. The Poles finished third. There are Diane Sellier, Łukasz Kuczyński, Michał Niewiński and Paweł Adamski in the Polish national team. The last team was the French one.

    “Bronze medallists at the European Short Track Championships!” Polish Association Skating Speed Skating informed on Twitter. 

    In the earlier women’s 3000m relay final, the Polish women (Natalia Maliszewska, Nikola Mazur, Kamila Stormowska and Gabriela Topolska) were fourth. The Dutch women won.

    On Saturday, Natalia Maliszewska won the silver medal in the 500m. She dedicated it to her father.

    The European Short Track Speed Skating Championships were held in Poland for the third time. In 2006 Krynica Zdrój was the host and in 2021 also Gdańsk. 

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