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    Polish Smog Alarm Nominated as Earthshot Prize Finalist for Environmental Advocacy

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    In a field of over a thousand nominated organizations, Polski Alarm Smogowy (PAS) has emerged as one of the 15 finalists for the prestigious Earthshot Prize Awards. Established by Prince William to honor exceptional environmental initiatives, the nominations were unveiled on Tuesday in New York City. PAS proudly represents Central and Eastern Europe as the sole finalist from the region.

    PAS received its nomination in the “Air” category, lauding its remarkable social campaigns for environmental protection that rank among the most effective globally. Beyond the “Air” category, the Earthshot Prize is presented in four other categories: Climate, Biodiversity, Oceans, and Waste, with three organizations nominated in each category.

    The nominations were announced during the Earthshot Innovation Summit held in New York, where environmental leaders gathered to discuss innovative solutions to pressing global challenges.

    The Earthshot Prize Awards, established in 2020, aim to promote effective solutions to major environmental problems, including air pollution. The judging panel includes prominent figures such as Prince William, Sir David Attenborough, Christiana Figueres, Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, and Cate Blanchett.

    Polski Alarm Smogowy, a coalition of 50 local anti-smog initiatives, received its nomination for its efforts in Poland to promote clean air. These efforts have been recognized as one of the world’s most effective environmental campaigns. PAS advocated for significant reforms, including anti-smog resolutions, coal quality standards, bans on the sale of highly polluting heating devices, and financial support programs for upgrading heating sources and thermomodernization of homes. These changes have significantly improved air quality in Poland.

    “This nomination is a tribute to the dedication of many local activists from Polski Alarm Smogowy who have worked tirelessly for clean air over the past decade. Thanks to their determination, the air quality in Poland has improved significantly, although there is still much work to be done. Our goal is a Poland free from smog. Air pollution still contributes to 40,000 premature deaths each year. We must change that,” said Andrzej Guła, the leader of PAS.

    The Earthshot Awards ceremony will take place in Singapore on November 7th. Five out of the 15 finalists will receive £1 million each to support their ongoing initiatives.

    Polski Alarm Smogowy’s nomination for the Earthshot Prize underscores the importance of grassroots environmental activism and the potential for positive change in the fight against air pollution and environmental degradation.

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