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    Polish Speed Skaters Claim Bronze at World Championships Opener

    In a riveting start to the World Speed Skating Championships in Calgary, Polish athletes Andżelika Wójcik, Iga Wojtasik, and Karolina Bosiek secured bronze in the Women’s Team Sprint. Facing stiff competition from powerhouses Canada and the USA, Poland showcased a promising performance, igniting excitement among fans worldwide.

    Competing at one of the world’s fastest ice rinks, the championships commenced with high stakes and fierce competition. The Polish trio impressed from the start, demonstrating remarkable teamwork and determination as they battled against strong contenders.

    Starting alongside Dutch rivals, Wójcik, Wojtasik, and Bosiek displayed unwavering resolve throughout the race. Despite a momentary slowdown, they rallied in the final lap, led by Bosiek, to narrow the gap and secure a well-deserved third place, finishing with a commendable time of 1:26.63.

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