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    Polish Speed Skating Team Clinches Bronze at Beijing World Cup

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    Poland celebrated a triumphant conclusion to the World Cup in speed skating at the Olympic track in Beijing as Andżelika Wójcik, Iga Wojtasik, and Karolina Bosiek secured a bronze medal in the women’s team sprint. In a thrilling race against the Dutch team, the Polish trio showcased strategic prowess and determination. Despite a slight lag after the initial laps, an intriguing move by Bosiek on the final lap, facilitated by Wojtasik, did not disrupt their rhythm. The team crossed the finish line with a commendable time of 1:29.09.

    Heading into the final face-off, Poland trailed behind the Netherlands and Canada. However, a surprising turn of events unfolded as the Chinese team, despite a slow start, narrowly lost to the Polish trio by a mere 0.27 seconds.

    This marks the second podium finish for the Polish team this season, following last week’s silver in the mixed relay. Individual performances were noteworthy too, with Żurek securing fifth place in the 500 meters, Bosiek claiming ninth in the 1000 meters, and Czyszczoń achieving a commendable tenth in the 3000 meters.

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