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    Polish Travelers’ Top Autumn City Break Destinations in 2023

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    Explore Poland’s favorite autumn city break destinations in 2023! From the eternal charm of Rome to London’s regal allure and Barcelona’s sunshine, discover where Polish travelers are heading this fall.

    Rome, London, and Barcelona: Autumn Favorites

    Polish travelers continue to show a strong preference for city breaks, with a whopping 70% expressing their desire to embark on at least one short international trip this year., a leading travel booking platform, recently analyzed millions of searches for travel between September and November 2023. Here’s a glimpse of the most sought-after autumn city break destinations among Polish tourists.

    Rome: Eternal Attraction

    Rome, the eternal city, continues to hold its crown as the top choice for Polish travelers, with nearly 23% of all searches focusing on this Italian gem. Its rich history and unique lifestyle draw in tourists year after year.

    London: The Royal Metropolis

    London secures the second spot on this year’s list, capturing over 20% of travelers’ interest. The British capital’s blend of modernity and regal history makes it an ever-popular destination.

    Barcelona: Sunshine and Architecture

    Barcelona ranks third, with more than 15% of users exploring flight options to this Spanish city. Its stunning architecture and pleasant Mediterranean climate continue to allure travelers.

    Paris and Milan: The Culinary Capitals

    Paris takes the fourth position, narrowly edging out Milan by less than 0.5 percentage points. These cities are a gastronomic paradise, offering delightful local cuisine and world-class art.

    Venice and Beyond

    Venice claims the sixth spot, with 4.5% of travelers considering it for their autumn getaway. Amsterdam follows closely in seventh place, with Brussels, Vienna, and Stockholm rounding out the list of top city break destinations, each capturing 3% of travelers’ interest.

    Duration of City Breaks

    When it comes to the duration of city breaks, Barcelona leads the pack, with an average stay of 5.8 days. Rome and London follow closely, with stays averaging 5.2 days. Venice and Milan are not far behind, with travelers planning stays of around 4.9 days. Paris and Amsterdam aim for about 4.6 and 4.8 days, respectively. Vienna garners the shortest stays, with travelers planning for approximately 3.9 days.

    Polish travelers are increasingly focused on factors beyond flight prices when planning city breaks. Destination appeal (42%), flexible travel dates (43%), and accommodation standards (33%) play significant roles. Many travelers now opt for package deals, combining flights and hotels, to ensure flexibility and budget-friendly accommodations.

    In summary, Rzym, London, and Barcelona continue to be the top choices for Polish travelers’ autumn city breaks in 2023, reflecting the enduring appeal of these European gems. Travelers are also diversifying their preferences, seeking unique experiences, and prioritizing convenience when planning their getaways.

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