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    President Duda Calls for Justice Following Murder of Polish Soldier Mateusz Sitek

    In a recent meeting of the National Security Council, President Andrzej Duda emphasized the imperative for Poland to ensure the apprehension and punishment of those responsible for the murder of a Polish soldier. The incident occurred during border patrol duty along the Polish-Belarusian border, deemed by Duda as an act of aggression against the Republic.

    “We discussed the most important aspects related to the security of the Republic, as well as those situations, including tragic events, that have occurred recently here, in our homeland. Primarily, we talked about the tragic death of one of our soldiers who fell in service, defending the Polish border,”

    said Duda.

    President Duda reaffirmed his commitment to safeguarding the well-being of Polish soldiers, both legally and operationally. He highlighted the paramount importance of soldier safety and underscored the government’s obligation to provide them with adequate support and equipment.

    A Matter of National Security:

    Duda framed the pursuit of justice as not only a legal imperative but also a matter of Polish national security. He emphasized the intrinsic link between ensuring justice for the fallen soldier, Mateusz Sitko, and upholding the country’s security interests.

    International Engagement:

    Amidst these developments, President Duda announced his forthcoming trip to Latvia for a meeting of the Bucharest Nine, a group of NATO allies. He expressed gratitude to the soldiers for their dedication to safeguarding Poland’s borders.

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