President Duda on recovery funds: “It was purely political action!”

    In a straightforward response, Polish President Andrzej Duda addressed questions about the Rule of Law Conditionality concerning EU funds related to the National Recovery Plan (KPO), stating, “As for the money from KPO – it was purely a political action. It was an attempt to force a change in government in Poland. That’s how I perceive it, and current events only confirm that,” he said during a press conference in Vilnius today.

    Following joint statements by the Presidents of Poland and Lithuania, it was time for questions and answers at the press conference. President Duda was questioned about the KPO funds and Brussels’ stance on the current political developments in Poland.

    “Some time ago, former Prime Minister Leszek Miller, currently a Member of the European Parliament, said in the media with disarming honesty that the most important people in the EPP, who govern there, are political friends of Donald Tusk. I believe that for them, Tusk’s victory in the elections, achieved through various maneuvers, serves as a pretext to finally unblock the KPO funds,” the president assessed.

    He simultaneously emphasized that if these funds are indeed unblocked, he would be pleased, as they would be useful for Poland.

    President Duda recounted his recent conversation with the Vice-President of the European Commission, Vera Jourová, during the Davos summit.

    ‘Purely Political Action’

    The president pointed out that he told his interlocutor, “I am open to various negotiation proposals, proposals for changes in the Polish justice system. However, I will not allow any verification of judges appointed during my presidency.”

    “These individuals went through the entire process, were appointed by the President of Poland under all applicable procedures. They took oaths, received nominations. I will not allow these people to be verified or persecuted,” he emphasized.

    As he added, “Unfortunately, there is a group of lawyers and politicians in Poland who would like to inflict ordinary, animalistic political revenge on these people.”

    “I will not allow it. These people have full judicial status, and it should remain so. I will do everything to ensure that it does,” he stressed.

    Returning to the KPO issue, he said it was “purely political action.”

    “It was an attempt to force a change in government in Poland. That’s how I perceive it, and current events confirm that,” he concluded.


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