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    President Duda Urges Citizens to Shape Europe’s Future

    President Andrzej Duda has called on Polish citizens to actively participate in the upcoming European Parliament elections. Emphasizing the importance of these elections, Duda highlighted the significance of shaping Europe to benefit Poland. He reiterated that only through active engagement can citizens influence decisions that directly impact their country.

    Celebrating Democracy

    In his Thursday address, President Duda reminded the nation of the recent anniversary of the first partially free elections in 1989. This milestone, according to Duda, symbolizes the immense value of Polish democracy and the power of the people to determine their own fate. He stressed that no decisions should be imposed on Poland from external forces.

    Duda believes that democracy thrives on the active participation of its citizens. He praised the high voter turnout in recent presidential and parliamentary elections, expressing his hope for similar engagement in the European elections. “Our democracy is stronger with each citizen’s vote,” he asserted.

    Shaping Europe Together

    The President’s message was clear: Polish citizens must vote and encourage their communities to do the same. “Let’s change Europe in the interest of our homeland. Let’s shape Europe in our interest,” Duda urged. His call to action underscored the collective power of the Polish electorate in influencing the future of Europe.

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