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    President Duda’s Strategic Visit to China: Economic and Security Focus

    Polish President Andrzej Duda embarks on a five-day visit to China, aiming to strengthen economic ties and discuss security concerns. Key objectives include opening the Chinese market to Polish meat products, particularly poultry and beef. President Duda expressed optimism about signing several agreements to enhance market access for Polish agricultural exports.

    Boosting Chinese Investments

    In talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Duda will also address increasing Chinese investments in Poland. He highlighted the significance of political factors, noting the impact of the Ukraine war and the hybrid attacks from Belarus on Polish borders. These issues are linked to the broader economic cooperation under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which includes key rail routes through Ukraine and Belarus.

    Duda intends to present the security challenges in the region, emphasizing the war in Ukraine and Belarus’s aggressive tactics. He will stress the importance of China’s influence on Russia and Belarus, seeking to convey Poland’s perspective on regional stability and the potential for future conflict resolution in Ukraine. This visit underscores the intertwining of political and economic issues.

    Engagement on Multiple Fronts

    During his visit, President Duda will meet with Chinese Premier Li Qiang and deliver speeches at economic forums in Dalian and Shanghai. He will also bestow honors at the Polish embassy, reinforcing diplomatic ties. The visit reflects Poland’s strategic efforts to navigate complex international relations while fostering economic growth and security.

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