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    Presidential Visit to the US and Canada Delays National Security Meetings

    Presidential visit to the US and Canada postpones crucial national security meetings in light of recent Iran-Israel tensions.

    Minister in the Office of the President, Małgorzata Paprocka, stated that upcoming days won’t allow space for the Cabinet Council or National Security Council meetings due to the president’s visit to the US and Canada.

    The attack by Iran on Israel raised concerns about potential security deliberations. Paprocka assured that the president maintains continuous communication with the prime minister and defense minister. Meanwhile, Iran’s recent drone and missile strike on Israel further heightened tensions in the region, prompting Israel to vow retaliation.

    Despite the urgency of security matters, the president’s visit prioritizes diplomatic engagements, notably at the UN headquarters in New York. The constitution permits the president to convene the Cabinet Council for crucial matters, while the National Security Council advises on internal and external security.

    However, with the current focus on diplomatic relations amidst escalating tensions, security discussions will have to wait.

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