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    Presidents of Poland and Ukraine Meet Ahead of NATO Summit in Washington

    Polish and Ukrainian Presidents discuss NATO accession and regional security ahead of Washington summit.

    Before departing for the NATO summit in Washington, President Andrzej Duda of Poland met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Belweder. The leaders engaged in both one-on-one talks and discussions with their respective delegations. President Duda emphasized that while Ukraine’s accession to NATO requires time, initiating the process would significantly boost Ukrainian morale and send a strong message to Russia regarding the Alliance’s unity and determination.

    Poland’s Support for Ukraine

    President Duda assured President Zelensky of Poland’s unwavering support, stating that starting the accession process would be a powerful psychological boost for Ukrainian society and defenders. He expressed hope that NATO would soon articulate this position, paving the way for the ratification process.

    Polish Delegation

    Accompanying President Duda were Chief of the President’s Cabinet Marcin Mastalerek, National Security Bureau Head Jacek Siewiera, Minister Wojciech Kolarski, and Head of the International Policy Bureau Mieszko Pawlak.

    National Security Council Meeting

    The previous morning, President Duda convened the National Security Council to discuss key issues for the upcoming NATO summit, underscoring their importance for Poland.

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