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    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Impact’23: “Poland can be a cornerstone for transatlantic unity”

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki took part in the Impact Congress 2023. It is the most prestigious economic and technological event in Central and Eastern Europe. The head of the Polish government was asked about i.a. transatlantic unity, security of Poland, modernization of the Polish Army, Polish energy sources and the economic situation in Europe.

    On Impact’23, the Prime Minister of Poland emphasized the need for appropriate funds to modernize the country’s army. Thanks to the tightening of the national budget, Poland has the means to strengthen its armed forces. Poland is doubling its defense spending, allocating 4% of its GDP to defense. It is investing additional billions of zlotys in the modernization of its military, not only through purchasing equipment from abroad but also through domestic orders.

    Many Western European countries are not paying as much as they should in defense contributions. This model is currently in a deadlock, according to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Poland is one of the few NATO members that allocate significant funds from its national budget to defense. Modernizing the army and investing in modern military equipment are among the conditions imposed on NATO members. Poland is fulfilling this condition and setting an example for other countries.

    “What the free world needs now is strong unity and transatlantic cooperation. Poland is pro-American and pro-European, which is a really good foundation for being a good interconnector between the two largest pillars of global stability, free trade, and security,”

    said the Prime Minister.

    Poland is becoming increasingly energy-independent. Today, its energy sector relies mainly on coal, whose combustion is becoming more expensive due to the European Union’s climate policy and ETS fees. The country is also using gas as an energy source. However, Poland is constantly striving for energy independence. Through diversification of energy sources and new technologies, it will ensure energy security for all Poles for the next decades. The country is focusing on new solutions that will provide access to green and affordable electricity.

    “We are investing a lot in renewable energy sources. I can give you an example from 2016 when we installed 100 megawatts of solar power. Now, it’s 12 gigawatts, which is a more than 100-fold increase. However, we also want stable energy sources. That’s why we’re developing nuclear energy projects, small modular reactors together with GE Hitachi, as well as AP-1000 with Westinghouse and our Korean friends,”

    added the Prime Minister.

    Impact’23 in Poznań was a platform for exchanging views and conducting substantive discussions at the intersection of business, politics, science, and modern technologies. It is the most prestigious economic and technological event in Central and Eastern Europe. It was attended by the heads of the largest global companies, politicians, scientists, and experts. More than 600 speakers appeared on eight stages, discussing various thematic areas.

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