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    Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski Honored as Patriot of the Year

    In a momentous event during the IX Patriot Day organized by Biały Kruk Publishing and the Academic Civic Club, Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski was awarded the “Patriot of the Year in Memory of Kazimierz Odnowiciel.” The award recognizes his immense contributions to understanding Polish history, shaping national historical consciousness.

    A Respected Scholar and Advocate

    Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski, a distinguished historian and economist, received a standing ovation from thousands gathered in Krakow’s historic “Sokół” Hall. His work encompasses the 20th-century history of Poland and socio-political issues, reflected in numerous scholarly and popular publications.

    Father Prof. Janusz Królikowski praised Roszkowski’s courage during communist times when he faced repercussions for revealing historical truths. The laudation emphasized Roszkowski’s role in the ongoing struggle between freedom and oppression.

    Challenges to Truth

    Highlighting contemporary challenges, Prof. Królikowski mentioned legal actions against Roszkowski and publishers, reminiscent of historical censorship. The audience responded with profound applause.

    Accepting the award, Prof. Roszkowski encouraged building national capital for a secure and sovereign country. Patriotism, he emphasized, is not just about identification but also preserving sovereignty.

    Ninth Edition of Patriot Day

    Patriot Day, now a fixture in Polish culture, celebrated its ninth edition. Notable attendees included Prof. Andrzej Nowak, Prof. Przemysław Czarnek, and editor Czesław Ryszka.

    The event, hosted by journalist Anna Popek, signifies the intersection of Poland’s cultural, literary, social, and religious spheres, culminating in the “Patriot of the Year” award.

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