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    Protest at Kamionka Dormitory: Changed Locks, Power Cut Off

    A group of students continues their occupation strike at the now-defunct Kamionka dormitory in Kraków, despite increased pressure from Jagiellonian University authorities.

    Following the suspension of negotiations with the protesting students, the university administration has ordered the evacuation of the building due to its poor technical condition, citing potential health and safety hazards. In a statement, they emphasized that remaining in the dormitory could pose a serious risk to life and health.

    The protesting students, however, disagree with this assessment and have refused to end their strike. In response, Jagiellonian University has taken drastic measures. This afternoon, locks on the building’s entrance doors were changed, and the electricity supply was cut off.

    The university’s administration has addressed the situation in a recent communication. They reiterated that as of April 20, they had decided to halt any further announcements regarding the sale of the property located at Kamionka Street in Kraków.

    During a meeting with the Workers’ Initiative delegation on May 18, the university officials committed to suspending the sale process of the former dormitories at Kamionka 11 and 11a until final decisions about their future are made. It was also conveyed that if the Jagiellonian University Student Government confirms their interest in housing students in these dormitories, Rector Prof. Jacek Popiel and Rector-elect Prof. Piotr Jedynak would propose to the Senate the repeal of the 2018 resolution to sell Kamionka.

    Moreover, on May 20, Prof. Piotr Jedynak confirmed that there are no plans to sell the Bursa Jagiellońska student house, reaffirming that it remains, and will continue to be, a residence and workspace for members of the academic community.

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