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    Pure Country Festival and Steam Locomotive Parade: A Celebration of Music and History in Wolsztyn

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    Experience the harmonious blend of music and history at the Pure Country Festival and the grand spectacle of the Wolsztyn Steam Locomotive Parade in Poland.

    The annual Pure Country Festival, taking place from August 11th to 13th, 2023, at Wolsztyńskie Lake Park, is a vibrant convergence of musical artistry and cultural celebration. Originating in 2010, the festival fosters an international artistic dialogue while promoting Polish and American musical culture, spanning genres like country, folk, singer-songwriter, and Americana. Recognized for its diverse program and accompanying events, the 2022 edition received an award from the Polish Tourism Organization.

    Embracing non-commercial values, the festival’s 13th installment this year continues to enchant audiences with its rich blend of artistic performances from five countries. With artists hailing from the USA, France, Germany, Hungary, and Poland, the three-day event showcases concerts, thematic spectacles, and album promotions. This year’s program also commemorates LONSTAR’s 45-year artistic legacy while offering an array of dance-related attractions, competitions, and workshops.

    The festival collaborates with Wolsztyn’s historical gem – vintage steam locomotives. These locomotives offer retro journeys for enthusiasts yearning for the romance of historic train travel. In partnership with the Parowozownia Wolsztyn Cultural Institution, the International Steam Locomotive Festival will follow the main event, hosting its 27th Steam Locomotive Parade on August 19th.

    Since its inception in 1991, the Wolsztyn Steam Locomotive Parade has evolved into one of Europe’s premier railway events. Attracting railway enthusiasts and steam locomotive aficionados from across the globe, the parade transforms Wolsztyn into a steam-powered capital. Witnessing a rare spectacle, attendees experience several iconic locomotives, both Polish and international, “under steam” simultaneously.

    The parade is accompanied by a range of captivating events. Retro train rides traverse the local tracks throughout the weekend, while the “Parowozowe Impresje” photographic exhibition graces the industrial setting of the repair hall. As night falls, the multimedia show Light, Steam, Sound mesmerizes with steam engines illuminated by vibrant colors, swirling smoke, live music, and enchanting visuals.

    The 2023 Steam Locomotive Parade will feature six steam locomotives from Poland and abroad: ENERGIE 507 from Luxembourg, TUBIZE from Belgium, 01 509 from Germany, 555.0153 known as the Czech Express from the Czech Republic, Poland’s Ty42-24 locomotive from Pyskowice, and the Wolsztyn-based Pt47-65 steam locomotive. Additionally, the parade will introduce the Warsaw M20 Railcar – the pioneering car-based railcar.

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